These 40 Breakup Messages Are Just Too Brutal – And Hilarious!

Breaking up is never fun; it’s a sign that two people have decided to give up what they thought would last forever, which can only be painful. Ultimately, it all boils down to how the breakup is handled. Some people prefer to break up face to face. Others can’t handle the pressure, so they take the lesser roads, like texts. Over time, some people have taken the whole concept a notch higher, thanks to the internet and loads of creativity. The outcome is a number of hilariously brutal means of breaking up that often go viral on the internet. Here are some of the very best.

The pizza breakup

Imagine waiting for 30 minutes to get the pizza you ordered, while you cuddle up with your loved one. It’s the perfect evening spent indoors; you’re watching that movie you both like. The delivery guy is a bit late, but what the hell. Imagine opening the box and staring at – wait for it – not just the pizza, which is as colorful and as spiced up as you like it, but a comment on the inside of the box saying ‘I’m breaking up with you’? Wouldn’t that be the worst? Well, that actually happened to someone, and you can imagine their disappointment.

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