The Secrets to Staying Hydrated 24/7

To stay healthy, everyone needs to drink 30 to 50 ounces (1 to 1.5 liters) of fluid a day, depending on factors such as activity level and temperature. All the body’s systems require water to function properly, including your brain and heart. This fluid should be taken gradually, throughout the day, rather than all at once. Here are some easy ways of staying hydrated this summer.

Summer soups

An easy way to introduce more fluids into your life is via soup. But if it’s a hot day, try a chilled soup such as gazpacho, which is full of water-rich vegetables such as cucumber and tomato.

Sparkling water

Ditch the sugar- and caffeine-rich soda, and replace it with sparkling water. It’s delightfully refreshing on a hot day, and if you add a few berries or a squeeze of citrus juice, it will be even more delicious.


Who doesn’t love an ice-cold popsicle straight from the freezer? If you freeze watermelon juice, which is over 90% water, with a squeeze of lemon juice, after an hour or so you will have a delicious, hydrating treat to cool you down. Adding coconut water will boost your electrolytes.

Herbal tea coolers

Many teas dehydrate you due to their caffeine content, but herbal tea contains no caffeine. Make up a jug of herbal tea with boiled water, and chill it overnight. Add a few berries, or even fruit puree, and pour over ice for super refreshment.