The Most Shocking Movie Bloopers You’ve Never Seen

Making a movie is a meticulous process, one that requires months of research, preparation and perfect execution. Despite the fact that directors and his crew are immensely skilled, they are still prone to making mistakes. Even the most detailed research sessions might let something slip. Ruined takes, botched lines, and pure absurdity marred the beauty of these classic movies. We’ve decided to bring you the most exciting ones.

Lord of the Rings

Gandalf the Grey is perhaps the most famous wizard in all of the pop culture, aside from maybe Merlin, King Arthur’s companion. He can make things appear out of thin air, shoot light and summon giant evil-fighting eagles. Apparently, he can also travel through time – in this picture, Sir Ian McKellan is wearing a wristwatch. It seems that Gandalf must have experimented with some black magic and decided to time travel and get all the modern goods. Despite this blooper, the movie earned $3 billion at the box office.

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