The Most Astounding Celebrity Weight Transformations

Most people struggle with some sort of weight issue. For a very select few, the problem is that they struggle to gain weight, but for the majority, the opposite is true. Losing weight is not something that only normal people struggle with, celebrities have the exact same struggle, the only difference is that they are in the public eye and cannot hide those extra pounds they picked up during the holiday season. But there are a couple of A-listers who have turned heads due to their weight make-overs. Let’s have a look at the list.

Queen Latifah – 20 Lbs. Loss

One would think that a person with the personality and confidence that Queen Latifah has, never even considered shedding a few pounds. However, this diva wanted to lose 5-10 % of her bodyweight and did so with seeming ease. It only took a couple of months in the gym and a bit of dedication and voila, she shed 20 lbs.

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