Student Awarded Nobel Prize Nomination Instead of Being Punished for Skipping School

Greta Thunberg is a young girl who cares about the environment. As people say, the future of the planet is in the hands of young people, Greta took the stand for our future and encouraged plenty of young people to leave classes to join her.

This Swedish hero was worried about climate changes that could cause many environmental problems and global warming. Therefore, she decided to carry out protests and to start a revolution. Her impact soon spread all around the world and she became a role model for many young people.

Greta’s beginning

She is encouraging people to raise awareness to save the planet by protesting. When Greta was just a little girl, she got interested in this issue. She informed herself properly and decided to take action.

Global warming was, and still is a very sensitive subject for young generations as they will be most affected by it.

After Greta saw that there were not a lot of talks on this specific subject, she decided to take things in her own hands. Since young people can’t vote, at least they can do is to protest and, that way, to show interest in saving the environment and this is exactly what Greta did.

Starting protests

Greta didn’t have parental support at all. She was ‘obligated’ to skip school every Friday, and to gather like-minded kids to help her achieve her goal. She stood in front of the Parliament with the very authentical sign that said ‘School strike for climate.’

This young activism brought a lot of attention and her hard work and dedication were starting to pay off.

Things started to get serious for Greta

The young girl was becoming more and more noticed, even by the global leaders. She began to take participate in many conferences.

A very interesting and maybe surprising thing she said left everyone shocked. Greta wanted young people to panic, not to have hope, to take a stand for their beliefs and to help her to fight for their future.

In no time, she started getting positive critics and some negative ones came along, as well. People began to say that she is using this protest as an excuse to skip school and to play rebel. However, Greta didn’t allow these comments to get to her and she became even more dedicated.

Something must change, there is no much time left

Societal collapse is threatening the world and if we all don’t take actions; it will be too late. Many studies have shown that temperatures are dangerously rising, leaving us with many risks.

To remain positive, we have to look up to Greta. Celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio are supporting her actions to help people understand the importance of it. The movement was named ‘Fridays for Future’ and it involves protest every Friday.

There is always hope for a better tomorrow, but instead of talking more, we need to take action.