Souping – a Better Way to Cleanse

Souping has become a popular dietary measure to detoxify the body and lose weight. It is regarded as a step toward gaining healthy eating habits and maintaining your overall health.

The soup cleanse is made up of vegetable soups that you consume over a set period of days. A lot of people swear by souping as a cure-all for dieting. But there is a risk to it as well.  By eating only vegetable soup for seven days, your body loses access to certain nutrients that your body gets from other food sources. That’s why doing a soup cleanse is not a permanent fix to your weight problems.

  • A more balanced approach to the soup cleanse is to include some other healthy foods in your soups. You can then make sure that your body is getting its protein needs taken care of.
  • For the soup cleanse to be most effective, you need to make your own soup. Store-bought soups often contain high levels of salt, and they have artificial colors and flavors added to them. Soup is a versatile food. There are recipes online and elsewhere that will suit each taste. To add extra protein, look for recipes that include lentils, beans, and lean meat. Avoid cream-based soups as they are loaded with calories.
  • Souping is temporary. You do it for a short time to give your body a health boost. Thereafter, you must follow a healthy eating plan that includes some foods other than soups to lose weight.