Out Of This World Places on Earth You Must Visit Once In Your Lifetime

The world is filled with many wondrous creations and seeking out the beauty of the world is embedded in our nature. The many wonderful places that you can find in this world and getting to experience them firsthand will leave you enchanted and amazed. As you plan for your next holiday, be sure to make it a point to visit one of these breathtaking destinations. There are various destinations that you can choose to go to, but we’ve listed only 40 for you. With these many options, you can truly say that the world is your oyster.

Swim with the Jellyfish in Indonesia

Aptly named Jellyfish Lake, this magical Lake in Indonesia gets its unique character from the thousands of jellyfish that freely swim in it. Swimming in a lake like this may seem scary to the average Joe, but jellyfish don’t sting at all, so there’s no chance of harm. The friendly sea creatures are great swimming companions, and the swim is a magical experience. The lake is warm and has brackish water while the bottom is covered with marine green algae, it is almost 17 meters deep. It is suspected that Kakabanwas lifted during the Holocene era, thus trapping seawater and forming a landlocked marine lake.

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