Meet The Real-Life Barbie

Like most other girls, Valeria Lukyanova loved her Barbie dolls. However, her love for these plastic toys turned into an obsession that would see her become a real-life version of these iconic dolls. The question that many people have asked is how someone could get so obsessed and dedicate so much time and money to become a human Barbie? By all accounts, she had quite a normal upbringing in a stable home, but her life’s mission for Barbie perfection was Sparked in her teenage years. Discover how her beliefs, diet and her relationships led her to become the human Barbie.

A normal girl like any other

Valeria was born in 1991 in Moldovia SSR, which was part of the Soviet Union until 1985. However, her parents decided it was time to move and they relocated to Odessa, Ukraine. It was here that she grew up and spent most of her childhood and adult life. Valeria had always been naturally beautiful and for the outsider, it is difficult to understand why girls like Valeria aren’t content with their looks. Maybe there are some deep-rooted issues. Nevertheless, during her teens, she started to experiment with make-up and her quest began.

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