Man Transforms an Old Airplane into His Dream Home

If you were walking in the woods and came across an airplane, what would your first thought be? Probably that you’d come across the remains of an aircraft that had crashed and had been missing for years. But that’s not the case for this airplane hidden among the trees in Hillsboro, Oregon. It’s no accident that the plane is there. In fact, it’s been upcycled into a very innovative house by someone who believes that airplanes have the potential for many different applications once they retire from active flying. Read on to find out about this unique home and take a look at what’s inside …

A guy who dreams big

Bruce Campbell is a 64-year-old man who, before he retired, worked as an electrical engineer. But he always had big dreams. To begin building his dream, he bought a 10-acre piece of land in the forests of Hillsboro, Oregon. It cost him $23,000, which must have been a lot for such a young man, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it. Even as a kid, he liked to do what is now trendily referred to as ‘upcycling’; he turned old things into new things. With the land, he wanted to build himself a home made of freight vans. But when he heard about what someone else had done, his dream got a little bigger!

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