Here Are Some Office Pranks You Could Do To Shake Things Up At Work

Office jobs aren’t the most interesting of jobs out there. You’re asked to do the same tasks every day, all year round. In order to spice up their lives however, some office workers have resorted to pranking each other, putting up untoward signs and bringing weird things to work. If you’ve been thinking about shaking things up a little at work, take a look at the following stunts and take notes.


Everyone at the office deserves to be happy, including the boss. Bosses work hard to make sure that the company stays afloat and most of the time, their efforts go unnoticed. Doing this thankless job usually drives to them to adopt a mean and strict facade, but they’re human too. They also enjoy getting surprise parties to celebrate their birthdays and other achievements. Even if these parties involve diving into ball pits, you can never be too old or important for ball pits.

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