From Russia with Love: What’s it’s Actually Like to Live in Russia

The world’s largest nation is known for being somewhat controversial. In some sense, it can even be said that Russia as a nation is unexplainable. They certainly have a unique way of doing most things, that comes across as quite strange to the rest of the world. As outsiders looking in, the rest of the world might not understand how Russian culture works, and it sure does look rather strange. Thus, we have compiled some photos of truly Russians things to show (and try to explain) just how Russians are and what it’s like to live in the strangest nation on Earth.

An Army of Women

With such a large population, it is quite surprising that women far out-way men by a good 10 million! Although the country is run by a man, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the armed forces are made up of a large number of women. This is all due to the population demographics. Therefore, it is not so surprising that many women are seen in uniform. It is still slightly strange to see so many women in the army, especially if you come from a nation where it was typically only the men who joined the army.

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