Embroidery Tattoos Take Internet By Storm

Most of the time, people who get tattoos do so to commemorate special people, animals, or events that played a significant role in their lives. This means that they’ll want tattoos that’ll be unique and you won’t get tattoos that are more unique than those that are embroidered.

These tattoos aren’t just unique and dull; they look great too. They’ve gained popularity amongst those who choose to tattoo themselves for more lighthearted reasons. Embroidered tattoos also look realistic, and this’s why they’ve gone viral online.

An old trend

Tattoos have been trending for thousands of years and were especially popular amongst Egyptian priestesses. Ötzi the Iceman also had a few tattoos. Tattoos have evolved tremendously from the ones used by these guys, and lately, we’ve seen watercolor tattoos gain popularity.

Even though watercolor tattoos are more popular, they aren’t viral and distinctive as embroidered tattoo right now. On Instagram alone, they’ve reached over 2000 hashtags. Their going viral is why tattoo artists all over the world have been trying their hand at this new art form.

One of these artists who’s from Illinois uses embroidery tattoos to raise awareness of mental illnesses and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Another artist who’s from Russia tattooed Oaxaca embroidery patterns on two of his clients.

No strings attached

While these tattoos look like they’ve been embroidered, no thread is used in their making. Tattoo artists copy the thread lines that embroidery patterns have. Copying these lines is what makes the complete design look like the genuine thread used.

The first artist to do embroidery tattoos says that these tattoos aren’t that difficult to draw. He said that to get this skill right, you’ll have to know a little about embroidery techniques and how thread reacts to light. He also said that tattoo drawing is just like drawing portraits but those of embroidery patterns, so you’ll have to pay extra attention to detail.

A word of warning

While embroidery tattoos are a great and unique way to express yourself, there are still a lot of tattoo artists who don’t know how to draw them correctly. This means you’ll have to do research and go for a tattoo artist who’s got the best reviews. Once you’ve found a tattoo artist who knows his/her stuff, all you’ll need to do is bring your favorite piece of embroidery or photo for inspiration.

Another thing to look out for is the time your tattoo artist will need to complete your design. Professional tattoo artists won’t spend more time on an embroidery tattoo unless it has an intricate design. Besides this, you’ll have to make sure that your artist practices good sanitation and that he/she doesn’t use old needles on you.

Another thing to note is that a tattoo is like an open wound and that means you’ll have to clean it with an antiseptic soap several times a day. Treating your tattoo as a wound will also mean not flaunting it in the sun. This won’t save your skin from irritation only; it will protect your tattoo from fading faster.