Couple Finds Out Why Police Officer Was Standing In Pouring Rain

Couple finds out why a police officer was standing in the pouring rain
Most stories we read about police officers these days are negative. So when a positive story emerges, it’s heartwarming to realize that there are cops out there who are dedicated to their promise to protect and serve.

A strange sight

Carolyn Hammett and her husband were driving home in Greenbelt, Maryland when they saw the most unusual sight: a cop just standing in the middle of the road. Now apart from the danger of placing themselves in harm’s way, there was something else that made the scene even odder.

The weather was so intense that rain was belting down so hard that it was difficult to imagine why anyone would stand outside in it without any protection. Needless to say, the couple was pretty confused and decided to find out what was going on.

Protecting the vulnerable

The Hammett’s initially thought that the police officer was trying to warn drivers about dangerous driving conditions, but when they found out the real story, they were gob-smacked!

Far from grimacing due to the pelting rain, the couple then noticed another strange thing about this scene: the officer was grinning from ear to ear. The couple decided to pull off the road and offer what little protection they could provide in the shape of an umbrella.

Carolyn’s husband got out of the car and approached the officer, and suddenly realized what the officer was really up to.

The real story

It turns out that officer Sharnise Hawkins-Graham was showing her true dedication to her job by protecting a vulnerable individual trying to cross the road in the pouring rain.

But this was no ordinary ‘person.’ It was a tortoise who had got stuck in the road. The officer’s compassionate act so moved the Hammett’s that they decided to help.

A happy ending

While Officer Hawkins-Graham continued protecting the tortoise in the middle of the road, Carolyn’s husband rushed home to collect tools to help rescue the poor animal. As soon as he could, he returned to the scene with a pair of shovels with which he and the officer moved the tortoise to the side of the road.

Luckily, Officer Hawkins-Graham’s selfless act of compassion was noticed by her superiors. After rescuing the innocent animal from sure death, Officer Sharnise Hawkins-Graham was rewarded for her dedication to her job.

She was awarded the Greenbelt Police Officer of the Year award for her incredible commitment to her pledge to protect all the citizens of the country, big or small.

The tortoise owes its life to this kind-hearted woman who habitually goes beyond the call of duty to help those in distress, no matter their size or species.

We love this positive, hopeful story, and hope that this brave young officer’s compassionate act inspires other people, officers or members of the general public, to perform simple, small acts of kindness in their everyday lives. It’s easy to see what a difference kindness can make.