Amazing Secrets About Bewitched That You Probably Never Knew

When you’re talking about iconic shows from the past, there probably isn’t a series that was more influential than Bewitched. We follow Sam who seems like a normal girl. In the first episode, she tries to fit in by marrying a hotshot ad executive by the name of Darrin Stephens. Little does Darrin know that Sam is a real witch, with a nose wiggle unlike anything else. For all of you who have watched the original series, young or old, we have a cauldron full of secrets. Let’s dive right in!

Tammy Grimes was supposed to play Sam

Sol Saks, the show’s creator, had a vision. He managed to think of the whole story, and he knew the right woman for the job – Tammy Grimes. Tammy was a big star at the time, winning a Tony Award for Best Actress in 1961. The witch was initially named Cassandra and Tammy actually considered accepting the offer, but ultimately declined. Why, you ask? She didn’t agree with the way the witch’s powers were going to be used. Sol wouldn’t abandon his vision, so Tammy declined the offer.

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