4 Ways to Alleviate Hay Fever Naturally

Hay fever results when histamine is produced by the body’s immune system. It produces it because thinks it’s under attack. This can happen when exposed to allergens such as pollen or airborne mold spores. Some of the symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, inflamed nasal passages, a runny hose, and sneezing.


Ginger is a well-known anti-inflammatory. It helps with nasal inflammation acting as a natural antihistamine. It also strengthens the immune system. It is easily incorporated into the diet as fresh ginger makes a delicious tea and can be added to many dishes, such as curries.


Eating onions is an easy, natural way to deal with hay fever. They contain a flavonoid called quercetin. Onions contain more quercetin than broccoli or kale. This gives them powerful antihistamine, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The recommendation is to eat one or two medium-sized onions a day. There are numerous ways to include onion in the diet as they are used in a wide variety of dishes. Eating red onions raw in a salad or sandwich is most effective.


The curcumin in Turmeric is another powerful antioxidant, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric can be added to many dishes such as curries and soups, but it is more effective to use a supplement of curcumin extract which contains piperine to help with absorption.


The peppery taste of horseradish can instantly clear the nasal passages. It works as a decongestant, helping to drain the sinuses. Use it as soon as it is cut, so it doesn’t lose its strength.