The Present Lives of our Favorite WWE Champions

In the world of entertainment, it often happens that you are here today and gone tomorrow. In some cases, even the most popular of characters can slip out the back door without anybody noticing and disappear from the public eye. In the wrestling world, this happens more often than you might think. Unless you have a personality like Triple H or the Undertaker, it would be quite easy to disappear into the distant memory of the WWE. Then again, there are a couple of wrestlers who had quite a following, but today, most people don’t know what happened to them.

Big Show – $20 million

When this man walked into the arena, everybody noticed, it kind of hard not to see. He is a mountain of a man and took down some of the biggest names in the game. His name could just as well have been The Magician or Giant Ninja because he pulled a disappearing act like few others with such a big personality. When he left the wrestling scene, he gave the big screen a shot and played in a couple of movies. He is not a lavish spender by any means and is sitting on an estimated $20 million today.

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