The Most Iconic Movie Plot Twists of All Time

What makes a movie great varies from person to person, but some basic aspects are at least universal: good acting, realism (with respect to the universe it’s set in, at least) and, best of all, a good script. The script is composed of some more factors that make it unique and enjoyable – suspense, conflict, a climax, and the resolution. Some movies tend to take the script a bit further than we’d have expected. Long after the audience thinks we’ve finally reached the resolution and can live with the ending, we’re hit with an incredible twist. Here are some movies that totally nailed the most surprising twists of all time.

Shutter Island

The plot of Shutter Island is set in 1964, with DiCaprio’s ‘Teddy Daniels’ and his partner (Mark Ruffalo’s Chuck Aule) travel to a criminal asylum on Shutter Island. The story involves them investigating the disappearance of one patient – Rachel – who was locked in for drowning her three children. After a long, winding plot where they search for Rachel, it’s revealed at the end that the whole thing was a ruse designed to awaken Teddy’s true side. He was actually a mental asylum patient there, and Rachel was his wife, whom he had murdered in retaliation for the death of their children.

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