The Importance of Juice Fasting

The juice fast is not some passing trend that we’ll all soon forget. It is becoming a dietary staple and a useful way of detoxifying the body. From famous sportspeople to celebrities, social media is abuzz with the juice cleanse.

Going on a short fast during which you drink only juice is not likely to make you lose weight. But it does stimulate the systems in the body and cleanses them too. It’s the perfect way to kickstart a diet. You cleanse the body with a juice fast before you start a new healthy eating regimen.

  • A juice fast is a great time to experiment. Virtually all fruits and vegetables can be juiced. You can come up with your own combinations, and let your imagination run wild. Use small portions and juice them. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a surplus of a disaster combination that no one else wants to drink!
  • A juice fast gives your body a boost in fruit and vegetable intake. It’s hard to fit seven servings of fruit and vegetables into your daily eating plan. But if you’re combining them to make a juice, it becomes easier.
  • When you go on a juice fast, you minimize waste of produce. You can use up fruits and vegetables before they spoil. You don’t wind up throwing them out and creating unnecessary waste.
  • The juice you drink is easy to absorb. When you juice fruits and vegetables, you remove a lot of fiber. This fiber makes them harder to digest when you eat them in their solid form. Juice is much easier to digest, and your body gets access to all the healthy nutrients. Your body doesn’t need to separate them from the fiber.