The Funniest and Most Embarrassing Life Fails on the Internet

In all the time we’ve known the human race to exist, nothing has been as widespread as people making bad decisions. In Einstein’s own words, nothing in the world (save for, perhaps, creativity) is more widespread than stupidity. With the advent of modern cameras, there’s nothing the internet loves more than pictures of people being their ‘best’ selves. And what better way to get your day going by laughing at other people being dumb before our own undoing comes back to stab us in the back. Here are our favorite people on the internet showing us how not to start your day.

Parking on the beach

One of the biggest appeals of the James Bond franchise (other than the amazing action, well-crafted plots and great actors, of course) was the fact that he had one of the most awesome cars of all time. Sadly, for these folks, Bond’s car wasn’t a 2-ton SUV, and even if it was, he’d hardly be driving it in quicksand. The only thing they probably have in common is the price tag, but even with an absurd 600 horsepower or so under the hood, there’s no clearing that amount of mud. All we can hope for is nobody is stuck inside there.

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