One Of The Creepiest Resorts Out There!

A look at these pictures will make you think these are maps in a dystopian video game.
However, this is actually a Sci-Fi looking resort that was abandoned for the most chilling reasons ever.
A Chinese company, the Hung Kuo Group built these Sanzhi “UFO house” in Taiwan. The amazing looking “UFO houses” were resorts designed for vacation purposes for U.S. soldiers in East Asia service.

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In 1978, construction of the structures commenced only to stop after 2 years and ever since, no one has ever legally set foot on the land.
Many attribute the cause of the aborted project to economic reasons but others believe something mysterious at work made them stop.
Workers claimed they got spirits visits. It was rumored that the structures were built on top of the graveyard of Dutch soldiers.
Some workers committed suicide without any indication of sadness before killing themselves.

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Fatal mysterious accidents began to occur at the site.
There had been interested individuals who have been visiting the abandoned resort before it was demolished in 2008 amid an online petition.
Let us hope the spirits have quieted to allow the company that the land was leased to in 2010 build a resort.

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