Man Wrastles With Kangaroo To Save His Best Friend

How far would someone go to rescue man’s best friend from the clutches of death?

Well, an Australian man showed where his loyalty lay when he was recently caught on video exchanging blows with a 300-pound Kangaroo, in order to save his dog from a death choke.
Initially, the group thought that the dog had trapped the Kangaroo.
But as the unidentified man runs over to his pet, he realizes that ‘all is not as seems;’ it was the buck, which had the dog in its clutches.

The dog struggles to get out of the Kangaroo’s grip, but it hangs on the dog’s neck until the man is just a few feet away. That’s when the Kangaroo decides that the new threat is much greater than the sweet clutching sound coming from the dog’s windpipe.

With a final vengeful Kickboxing kick, the buck finally lets the dog go, as it braces itself for round two with the new heavyweight opponent.
The man faces the Kangaroo, realizing that it was all going too fast, and would get very dangerous soon.
The man is a southpaw, but the Kangaroo chooses an orthodox stance.

The stage is set for a major showdown. At this time my stakes are on the Kangaroo, you never know what it has in its pouch in this jungle fight, could be a wicked cold blade.

The man at this time realizes that his opponent’s arms are not held up to protect its face, and takes the opportunity to execute a right hook blow to the Kangaroo’s chin, stunning the Kangaroo into further action.

The man takes this opportunity to end the fight.

Kangaroos fighting humans don’t always end up well; there has been attacks and deaths reported in Australia with their skills extending from grappling, forepaw jabs and a unique blend of kickboxing. Their formidable skills have even been made into videos which can be viewed over the internet and also into movies such as “Boxing Kangaroo.”

It’s lucky, our hero, and the dog’s best friend escaped unscathed, and that’s the day when love won the day.