Healthy Habits To Boost Your Concentration And Be More Productive

The world is full of distractions and in this modern digital age, those distractions are becoming more and taking on different shapes. To a large degree, we have lost our ability to concentrate for longer periods at a time.

Our brains have to compete with too many external influences and digital communications are not helping the cause either. To keep your concentration levels up, there are a couple of practical things you can do.

Remove some distractions

A smartphone is the nemesis of concentration. It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and keeps on creeping in situations where it is not welcome. The easiest way to get rid of the distraction is to remove it completely.

Your phone should not be within earshot if you need to concentrate. Nor should you be able to see your phone. That goes for any item that you know is a distraction for you. At first, your body will crave to know what is going on in social media, but you will soon find that not having your phone with you 24/7 is quite liberating.

Get enough sleep

Our lives have become so busy and full that there are not enough hours in a day to do everything that we want to. The first aspect of our lives that we then neglect is our sleep. Before long, you are in the habit of getting two to three hours too little sleep a night.

If you want your concentration levels to be at their best, then you need at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Some people can function with a bit less, but this is not the norm. To ensure you get enough sleep, make a choice and stick to a strict schedule.

Eat right

Our bodies are dependent on a balanced diet to function optimally. When we neglect our diets, we also neglect our concentration levels. When you eat too much, then you start to feel sleepy and when you eat too little, the hunger pains set in. Finding a balance is key to boosting your concentration.

To make things a bit easier on yourself, there are also specific foods that have a positive effect on your concentration. At the top of the list is fatty fish. They contain loads of Omega-3 oils that boost your brain function.

There are some mixed research results about coffee. Some research suggests that it is healthy for you and others to show the opposite. What there is consensus on, however, is that it does wonders for your concentration.

Get moving

People who struggle with concentration are often people who do not get out enough. Your brain needs a restart from time to time and getting out and moving does just that.

When you do light exercise, you pump your body full of fresh oxygen, which is vital for proper brain function. It also frees the brain up to think about other things. When you need that breakthrough, take a break and go for a jog, the answer might come to you sooner or later.