The Healthiest French Fries You Have Ever Seen!

I find it quite funny that at the beginning of every New Year, people like to make promises. The most common one being the promise to lose weight and eat healthy. Despite the best of intentions, it’s usually a week or two before we’re back on the couch over indulging on junk food and binge watching the latest Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones or Kardashian series (Depending on your preference, of course).

Motivation is the hardest thing to maintain when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s hard to choose what foods to eat or avoid, but according to YouTube sensation KALEL, you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

Video Source: Kalel Youtube Channel

This great little life hack on how make tasty, healthy and completely guilt free French fries is insanely simple. Just follow her instructions on the YouTube clip below and you’ll be snacking away on these awesome French fries in no time.