Game Of Thrones Characters And Their Real-Life Partners

Game of Thrones is back for its season finale and so are its characters that make the beautiful scenes that glue us to the screens. From bedding their siblings to prowling the brothels, GoT characters do it all. But that’s not what they are in real life. Their real life is as smooth and as good as it can be. Before you start being led to believe that this is what they are in real life, here are the real-life spouses and the personal lives of the Game of Thrones stars.

Kit Harington & Rose Leslie

Jon Snow, the role played by Kit Harington, forms the power couple of Winterfell alongside Daenerys Targaryen. The chemistry between the two became evident during season 8 when they were riding atop Rhaegal where the two exchange an intimate kiss. Later on, she admits her love for him. He is currently dating Rose Leslie in real life and it is ironic because he broke up with her in the series. Their wedding was beautiful and full of their colleagues from Game of Thrones. This couple was spotted holding hands and getting quite cozy with each other in New York City.

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