Five Historical Facts That Are Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind!

Did you know that professor Einstein was once offered the presidency of Israel? Or that the infamous Russian dictator Joseph Stalin was a fan of editing people out of an early form of “photo shopping”? If you’re interested in history, simply continue reading to discover five historical facts that are guaranteed to blow your mind!

Five historical facts that are guaranteed to blow your mind:

1. Albert Einstein turned down the presidency of Israel

In 1952 the newly formed Embassy of Israel head hunted professor Einstein to serve as the president of Israel. However, Einstein who is a household name due to his theory of relatively turned down the prestigious honor, citing that he lacked the “natural aptitude and experience” to take up the position.

2. Russian dictator Joseph Stalin frequently edited individuals out of his photographs

Whilst it may be considered mainstream to edit someone out of a photo in today’s age, Stalin was arguably one of the first people to practice “photoshopping”. Stalin had his photographs edited to remove individuals who he had removed from office or who passed away.

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3. Did you know that former US President Ronald Reagan saved 77 lives?

Whilst Reagan may be known as a past president or as a movie star, Reagan also worked as a lifeguard. During his career as a lifeguard Reagan saved a staggering 77 lives. What a hero!

4. There were over 600 plots to kill or overthrow Fidel Castro

It’s a wonder that the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro lived to the ripe old age of 90 as there were over 600 serious plots to other throw or assassinate Castro. As examples, Castro was given LSD by his enemies in an attempt to make him seem manic during a live radio broadcast and was given an exploding cigar.

5. A seemingly “normal” woman survived four of the world’s most famous catastrophes

Whilst you may have not heard the name Anna Mae Dickinson before, she has an important place in world history. Not only did Dickinson survive the sinking of the Titanic but she also survived the Hindenburg explosion, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the September 11th terrorist attack on New York.