40 Important Photos from the Past We Cannot (and Should Not) Forget

It’s said that we cannot understand who we are and what we will be without understanding where we come from. It’s important that we embrace our past as having built our present. Who we are is wrapped up in who we were. Our history is not only about the big events that took place. We’re more than important wars that were fought. We are the product of the lives of everyday people from the past. From the 30s to the 90s, here are some photographs that give you an insight into life back then.

1932 – A rare solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is a rare event. Many people only see one during their lifetime. On August 31st, 1932, a solar eclipse was set to take place. New Yorkers were excited. A lot of them decided to get the best possible view. The most obvious place to do that was on the observation deck of one of the Empire State Building. Parents brought their children to make the experience memorable for them. Some gazed at the sun with no protection. Others had some paper or special glasses to protect their eyes. The photo demonstrates that the anticipation was palpable.

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