40 Everyday Household Items And Their Hidden Purposes

There are so many things we use on a daily basis, but don’t know why and how they’re designed the way they are. Well, be prepared to get your mind blown. Let’s explore some of the most common household items and their secret purposes. We want you to know that some are so logical that you would want to tear your hair out. Others, well, they’re so stupid and illogical that you shouldn’t blame yourself for not knowing. Some of these secret purposes are also life hacks that could help you overcome some odd situations. Want to know which ones? Start reading then!

Punt in a wine bottle

Have you ever taken notice of those round indentations on the bottom of wine bottles? They are called punts and were historically added by glassblowers to make bottles stronger. They also help with keeping bottles upright and keeping them from tipping over. In sparkling wines, like champagne, the punt helps distribute the pressure inside more evenly, ensuring a nicer taste and a better pop. And even before the wine is poured into the bottle, a punt helps to sanitize the bottle with steam more easily.

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