40 Celebrities and Their Shocking Net Worths

There are always pictures doing the rounds showing fabulous celebrities doing fabulous things. We sit and look at these images, positively green with envy. These people are clearly living their best lives while the rest of us slog it out at our day jobs. Not to make too fine a point of it, but how rich are these people really? Is it all just a show and are those gold bracelets just highly polished brass or can these people truly afford to eat out of gold plates?

Jon Stewart

When there is a show named after you, it is not a huge leap in logic to presume that this person must have a truly startling bank account. Jon Stewart of The Jon Stewart show is currently sitting on $80 million. He has accumulated this money through various means, including but not exclusive to co-hosting The Daily Show and hosting the show You Wrote it, You Watch it. It seems that he has since then retired from such endeavors and is now trying his hand at writing. What kind of fortune this will bring him is yet to be seen.

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